Museum of Bharat Kala Bhavan

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Welcome to Museum of Bharat Kala Bhavan

A little further to the south is the museum of Bharat Kala Bhavan (Mon - Sat, May and June from 7.30 to 12.30, July - April from 11.00 to 16.30), which has a fabulous collection of miniatures, sculptures, samples of modern art and bronze. In the city dedicated to Varanasi gallery with an amazing map of the 19th century. The items discovered during the recent excavation of Raj Ghat are presented, as well as old engravings of the city. Remind Buddhist and Hindu sculpture, as well as Mughal glass, there are galleries dedicated to foreign artists who sought inspiration in India, such as Nicholas Roerich and Alice Boner. Also, works by the artist of the Bengal Renaissance, Jamini Roy, were greatly influenced by folk art. Bharat Kala Bhavan is part of the BHU, in whose territory is also the New Temple of Viswanath (daily from 4.00 am and 1 pm to 9 pm), which is distinguished by its high marble shikkhara. Conceived by Pandit Malaviya, the founder of a university that believed in a Hindu impassioned revival and equality, it was built by Birlam, a wealthy family of industrialists. Although it was designed supposedly as a copy of the original temple destroyed by Aurangzeb, the building features typical features of a new wave of temple architecture, in which the influences of various parts of India combined with a somewhat flashy interior. A constant stream of visitors are served by tea, flower sellers, as well as other small market traders in front of the temple gates.

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