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Welcome to Manikarnika Ghat

To the north of Lalit Ghat lies the main site for the cremation of Varanasi - Manikarnika Ghat. Such places are usually considered unfavorable and located on the outskirts of cities, but this whole city of Shiva is considered as Mahashmashana - the Great Territory of Cremation of the body of the whole Universe. This ghat is constantly flooded with funeral processions, as well as houses, untouchable guards, busy relieving the last minutes of those who are so happy to die here. The opportunity to see so publicly cremated bodies has always attracted and fascinated visitors, but photography is the strictest taboo; even if you just see the camera, it can be interpreted as the intention to shoot and cause hostility. Ghat tourists are usually attacked by wood merchants, explaining the subtle metaphysical meaning of transmutation ("cremation is cognition") before, how to skilfully move to a more practical conversation about how much firewood you need to burn one body, about endless inflation, and you would not want to make a donation. It is impossible that the amounts indicated in their "books of donations" were valid.

 Located in the center of the five tirthas, the Manikarnika Ghat symbolizes both the creation and destruction embodied in contrasting the sacred well Manikarnika Kund, who is said to have dug out Vishnu at the time of creation, and the hot, ashes, sandy cremation site, where time itself ends. According to Hindu mythology, the creation of the Manikarnika Kund preceded the appearance of the Ganges, and its source lies far in the Himalayas. Vishnu, according to the command of Shiva, cut out the kund with the help of his disc and filled it with sweat, which separated from his efforts in the creation of the world. When Shiva began to tremble with delight, his earring dropped into the pond, which became the first titre in the world as the Manikarnika - "Precious Earring".

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