Durga Temple

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Welcome to Durga Temple

The Durga temple of the 19th century, with patches of red and buffy flowers, known among foreign travelers under the name of the Monkey Temple because of these aggressive and irritable animals living in it, stands on a walled territory 4 km south of Godowlia, not far from Assi Ghat . It was built in a typical north-Indian style, with a smart shikkhara consisting of five symbolizing segments and supported by marvelous carved columns. The whole ensemble is best seen because of the Durga Kunda - the reservoir next to the temple. Filled with primitive atmosphere, it is dedicated to Durga, the formidable form of the wife of Shiva Parvati, as well as the embodiment of shakti, or female energy. Rogatina in the courtyard is used during festivities to decapitate the sacrificial goats. Non-Indians are allowed into the courtyard, but not to the inner sanctuary of the Durga temple, and admission to the adjacent Tulsi Manas Temple is unlimited (daily from 5.00 am to noon and from 15.00 to midnight). It was built in 1964 from white marble with veins, and its walls are decorated with poems by the poet and author Ramcharitmanas (Ramcharitmanas) - the Hindu equivalent of the great epic in the Sanskrit Ramayana.

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