Chaukhandi Stupa

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Welcome to Chaukhandi Stupa

Location: On the left side of the main road, about 600 m in front of the ASI Museum in Sarnath. This Buddhist stupa was originally built as a sign of the first meeting of the Buddha with the disciples in Sarnath.

The Chaukkhandi stupa was built in the Gupta period (4th-6th century AD). By the order of the emperor of the great Moguls Akbar, Govardhana, the son of Raja Todarmal, the financial secretary of the yard Akbar, completed the octagonal tower on top of the stupa in 1588.

Distance from Varanasi about 12 km

The Persian inscription above one of the doorways of the stupa reads: "As Humayun, the king of the Seven countries, now living in paradise, deigned to come and sit here one day, thus increasing the glint of the sun, so Akbar, his son and humble servant, decided to build on this place majestic tower to the blue sky. "

The Chaukkhandi stupa is supported by the Archaeological Department of India, which takes care of its condition.

Tourist attractions located next to the Chaukkhandi stupa are: Dhamekh stupa, Dharmadjika stupa, Dharmachakra stupa, Mulagandhakuti Vihara, Mulagandhakuti temple, archaeological sites, the Museum of Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), a Buddha statue in the Thai Buddha Vihara.

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