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It was in 2009, after seven years of hard work by One Voice, Wildlife SOS and the anti-poaching unit that the two NGOs created together, that the rope of the last bear dancer in India was cut off. In all, more than 620 bears have been saved and placed safely in the sanctuary of Agra in India. Kalandar bear hunters who exploited them were able to join the reintegration program that was offered to them in exchange for retraining. A real chance for this community that lived in misery, and an immense relief for sloth bears who survived in the worst conditions.

The shrine of Agra is not a zoo. It is not designed for the well-being of the visitors but for the happiness of the bears, at the heart of all the concerns. In most zoos, the enclosures allow to see the animals in all circumstances. In an often confined and concrete space, sloth bears have nowhere to hide from the public eye. In Agra, it's the other way around. Bears are grouped by age, by sex - to avoid reproduction - or even by affinity. In dark dens, they can hide. And the parks of the youngest bears are huge! All have hammocks, wooden structures and many enrichments renewed every day.

High walls prevent intrusions. Poaching is still important and it is crucial to guarantee the peace of those bears that have already suffered so much. Everywhere, trees and bushes ensure living conditions in semi-freedom close to the ideal. And if the bears cannot go out, the wild animals present on the site and around do not deprive it. Monkeys, birds, but also deer, do not hesitate to come and see the bears ... Only the oldest are visible to the public.

Timing: The center is open 7 days a week during daylight hours sunrise to sunset.

Tour duration:  02 Hours

Location: Located inside Sur Sarovar Bird Santuary, Keetam, Agra, 16 km before Agra and 12 km before Sikandra Fort on the main Delhi-Agra road.

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