Palaces of Jahangir and Akbar

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Welcome to Palaces of Jahangir and Akbar

To the south-west of Shah Jahani Mahal is a massive square Jahangiri Mahal. This palace of red sandstone, built either by Jahangir or Akbar for his son, is almost entirely Hindu in its internal structure. In the Assembly Hall, carved decorative staples support transverse ceilings, wide canopies above the cornices and ceilings on the spacers; a sinuous ribbon spewed from the mouth of a dragon reminds of a similar image in the Gujarat temples.

It is assumed that the rooms in the west served as a temple or a drawing room for the Rajput wife Akbar - Jodhbai (Jodhbai). The three floors of the basement chambers under the palace were used to escape the heat. Hauz Jahangir, or cistern - a giant bowl made in 1611 from a single piece of porphyry and adorned with inscriptions in Persian, was in the 19th century. Removed from the ground and installed in the courtyard in front of Jahangiri Mahal. Filled with rose water, it was used by the emperor as a bath.

If you go back to the gates of Amar Singh, on the left you can see the assembly hall, the veranda facing the river, and excavations - all that remains of the southernmost palace - the once vast Akbari Mahal, built in 1571.

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