Sunset point - Pushkar

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Welcome to Sunset point - Pushkar

There are innumerable viewpoints around the sacred lake of Pushkar, but the most beautiful thing is without a doubt Sunset Point. Located next to the sacred bridge, Sunset Point is a long and open ghat(stairways) that offers unbeatable sunset views over the lake. Also, it is a place outside the tourist centre of Pushkar, which means that there are far from 'touts' bothering you to buy your flowers or a blessing (they are a plague on the more central ghats(stairways)). In fact, when you go to Pushkar for the first time, I recommend you skip the main ghats(stairways) and go directly to the Sunset Point to start your tour of the lake. There you can take beautiful photos (important - photography is forbidden in the main ghats(stairways)) and walk calmly along the shores of the lake.

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