Pushkar Camel Fair

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Welcome to Pushkar Camel Fair

There is no other cattle fair in the world like the Pushkar Camel Fair. With more than 50,000 camels camped in its extensive exhibition centre, it is the largest camel fair in the world and one of the most amazing things you see during the trip to Pushkar (Rajasthan). It's basically like the Hindu version of the April Fair in Seville - there are booths that serve traditional food and drink, concerts and improvised theatre acts, traditional songs and dances, a lot of camels (and, to a lesser extent, horses) decorated with jewels, paint, and other colourful ornaments, fairground attractions, men in immaculate white robes, red turbans and lush moustaches and women in bright and colourful saris. If you go during the weeks before the fair officially begins, you will see the authentic camel market that basically ends once the fair starts. But if you are looking for some of the strangest aspects of the fair such as the contest of the biggest moustache of Rajasthan or camel racing, it is best to go

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