Ratan Singh Palace

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Welcome to Ratan Singh Palace

In the northern part of the fort Chittorgarh, near another lake, there is a large palace named after the then ruler Ratan Singh's palace. The shortest road from the gate to the fort to the palace of Ratan Singh lies through the village, the village is very colorful, and getting into it you immediately understand that tourists do not spoil it. The main entrance to Ratan Singh's palace is on the east side and has a massive one. On the right hand of the entrance there is a Hindu temple dedicated to the god Shiva, the local temple is called the Ratnesvara Mahadeva temple, everything is standard inside, and the outer walls of the temple are decorated with carvings. Entering the entrance arch, you find yourself in one of the yards, on which the grass is brightly green, a stunted bush grows and there is a shadow from the trees. Most of the territory of the palace is accessible for research and you can climb everywhere, on the second floor there is a room with a balcony that faces east to the

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