Lakshmana Temple

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Welcome to Lakshmana Temple

 In addition to Varaha, adjoining the temple of Matangeshwar with a single wall, decorated with rich carvings, the Lakshmana temple, dating from about 950 AD. e., is the oldest in the Western Group. He stands on a high plinth, covered with friezes with images of processions of horses, elephants and camels, as well as soldiers, home scenes, musicians and dancers. Among the most explicit sexual images, one can call a person copulating with a horse, surrounded by shocked spectators. The energy emitted by the sculpture gives the whole temple an amazing sense of movement and life.

While the world of people is depicted on the socle, the temple, adhisthana itself, makes contact with the celestial spheres. Two tiers of carved panels decorate the outer part of the temple, they show gods and goddesses, accompanied by apsars - "heavenly maidens", as well as figures in complex poses of sexual act - on the lower tier and in niches. Among the beautiful detailed images you can mention the majestic dancing Ganesha on the south side, the architecture teacher with his students in the east, as well as celestial musicians and dancers.

 Pyramidal roofs above the mandapa and portico consistently rise to the tower, composed of identical overlaid parts. Small porticoes with inclined canopies protrude above the mandapa and the passage, decorated with amazing columns, each with eight figures, on each corner of the platform, supported by excellently executed in the form of apsar staples. In the inner sanctuary, garbha grhu, one can get through the door, on the lintel of which is depicted the wife of Vishnu-Lakshmi, accompanied by Brahma and Shiva; the frieze shows Navagraha - nine planets. Inside is mainly Vishnu in the form of a three-headed, four-armed Vaikunta, who is accompanied by his incarnations in the images of a wild boar and a lion man.

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