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Welcome to Devi Jagadambi

To the north of Kandaria Mahadeva, along the platform is the earlier temple of Devi Jagadambi (Devi Jagadambi), it is a simpler structure, on the outer walls of which there are no protruding balconies. Originally dedicated to Vishnu, his outstanding mandapa is crowned by a massive pyramidal roof. Three belts (bhandas) encircle the body of the temple (jangha), they are decorated with an amazing sensual carving; erotic scenes on the third belt claim the status of the best in Khajuraho. In all the panels, the image of Vishnu repeats, they are all decorated with sensual figures of nymphs, gods and goddesses, some intertwined in love embraces. Some researchers believe that the image in the sanctuary of the temple represents standing Parvati, others argue that this is the black goddess Kali, known here as Jagadambi.

Between Kandaria Mahadeva and Jagadambi, in what is left of the Mahadeva temple, a meter high lion is hidden, accompanied by a figure of incomprehensible sex. A very stylized image of a lion is found throughout Khajuraho, here it is shown up on its hind legs above the kneeling warrior with a drawn sword, it is possible that this image was the arms of Chandell.

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