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Welcome to Tiracol

The northernmost fortress of Goa is known as Tiracol (Tirakol, Tirakol) with the options of Terekol, Terekhol and is located on the tip of the state, on a steep bank at the mouth of the eponymous river flowing into the Indian Ocean, on the opposite side of Kerim beach ). “Khol” means “steep bank” in Marathi.

Fort Tiracol was built in the 17th century by the Indian Maharaja to defend the area under its control from the invasion of the Portuguese. There were fierce battles, after which the fortress passed into the hands of the conquerors. Later, Fort Tiracol repeatedly became the scene of insurrections and riots, witnessed their cruel suppression. In the historical memory of Goans, the place is a symbol of the struggle for independence. The fort was gradually abandoned and began to crumble. To date, preserved part of the fortress wall, the inner square, the church of St. Anthony. On the territory of the fort erected a monument to the fighters for Goan freedom.

Learn the interesting history of Fort Tiracol and consider it from the inside can only be organized tour, by prior arrangement. The reason is that the hotel was built on the ruins of the fortress and the entrance to outsiders is limited. Hotel Fort Tiracol Boutique is small - only 7 rooms. On the ground floor there is a restaurant offering Goan and international cuisine. Prices for hotel accommodation from 170 dollars per day.


The fort can be reached by water transport. There is also a ferry from the Kerim beach.

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