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Welcome to Bondla wildlife

The smallest reserve in Goa covers an area of ​​only 8 square kilometers. km, which does not prevent it from being the most popular destination for families with children - to abandon the hot sun and endless ocean. Children here are really free: they are waiting for the zoo, crammed full of interesting little animals, a mini steam locomotive, a game room and the opportunity to ride an elephant (alas, only with parents). Adults in Bundle will also like it - and elephants, after all, are available, and a blissful taen of rare beauty of trees with the possibility of distracting from the ubiquitous sand and necks on the beach.

In general, the Bundle reserve consists of a wild and equipped part. In the center there is a zoological garden and a botanical garden with all the children's goods, a wild forest with real predators is around, which few, of course, have managed to see. But if you're lucky, you can see leopards, wild boars, Indian bison and even the ruins of an ancient temple with stone slabs hidden from barbarian Europeans with images of Hindu gods.

How to Get: Road to Bondla wild life santuary, Goa.  

By Road:  at the directions from Panaji (55 km north of the city) or by sightseeing buses from Margao and Panaji. The reserve works every day from 9 am and 5 pm, but it's impossible to get to the zoo on Thursday - it's closed.

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