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Welcome to Baga beach

The beach in Server Goa. Located 30 minutes’ walk from Anjuna.

A small picturesque beach, with brown sand, clean territory and a lot of local people - hawkers and fishermen. There are many shacks (beach restaurants), in which after sunset the discos begin. And also a lot of sunbeds (they have the entire beach) and many tourists. Mostly adults and elderly Englishmen.

The main advantage of this place for rest with children is the river Baga, in the waters of which children are very fond of bathing. At the confluence of the river in the sea are beautiful black stones around which water is constantly "boiling."  Not so long ago, the Saturday (evening) market started here. The market is not bad, but it is far from the flea market in Anjuna.

At Baga Beach freaks and hippies do not. And the goa trance does not play here either. Here is house and euro pop. The most famous place - Tito (Tito's) and located next to him Mambo (Mambo). In these clubs hang out mostly Indians and lovers of Haus and Europop.

Near the beach is located ZanziBar. On the weekend there are 4 huge columns on each side and put a house. Basses give in a radius of 100 meters. In general, Baga is famous for its nightlife. Many restaurants work until the last customer.

The beach is very popular among dogs. The rocks are very diverse. But everyone is equally friendly. Dogs jump on the waves, the kids push them and play with them. Full idyll.

On the way to the beach you can make a good shopping, there are many shops here.

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