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Welcome to Cellular Prison

Cellular prison is an eloquent reminder that even the most beautiful place on the planet a person is able to turn into a living hell for his fellow human beings. This terrible prison was left here by the former owners of the Andaman and Nicobar islands - the British. Today it is used as a museum, which undoubtedly deserves your attention.

As you know, the British Empire, due to its predatory policy, had a lot of colonies in the century before last. So, for example, most of India for a long time belonged to Britain and was mercilessly exploited until Mahatma Gandhi in 1942 started his company of open defiance. Even more sad fate awaited the Andaman Islands.

The islands were officially opened and marked on the map of the world in the 17th century, when the illustrious lieutenant Archibald Blair arrived here with the expedition. He founded on the southern Andaman stronghold of the East India Company, which eventually turned into the capital of the Andaman Islands - Port Blair. It is not difficult to guess that the city was named after its founder. The hot climate, impenetrable jungles and wild tribes did not inspire the English and, without thinking twice, it was decided to organize hard labour where prisoners could use hard labour to cut down the jungle and create sown areas.

This was mainly referred to by particularly dangerous criminals, revolutionaries and political prisoners from neighbouring India, where there were periodic uprisings against the colonial government. To keep prisoners, it was decided to build a prison, which, because of its architecture in the form of many separate chambers resembling bees, was called "cellular". The prison was built by the hands of all the same convicts between 1896 and 1906.

Today all this in the past and only the gloomy walls of the Cellular Prison, turned into an attraction for tourists.

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