Viper Island

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Welcome to Viper Island

The island of Viper (Viper means "Viper"), named so not because of the many snakes that undoubtedly dwell among its tropical thickets, but in honor of the merchant ship of the 19th century that ran aground in the early years of the colony's existence. Being located near the Haddo wharf, it served as a zone of isolation of the main prison, where fugitives and convicts (including participants in hunger strikes) referred to punishment.

From the torture zone, as a relic, pillars for flogging and crumbling walls have been preserved, which can be reached from the pier along a winding brick path, and the most prominent position here is occupied by genuine gallows. According to another version, he received his name due to the fact that the ship "Viper" was crashed near him, where Lieutenant Archibald Blair sailed to the islands in 1789, to erect here the first prison. The island, also called the "island of the gallows," is yet another indication of the sad colonial past of the Andaman Islands. The beaches of the island are sandy, the rest of the territory is covered with greenery.

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