Middle Andaman

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Welcome to Middle Andaman

This island is average in the Andaman trio. The vast territory belongs to the well-protected reservation of the tribe yarava. These traditional gatherers and hunters are probably the last Indian tribal community in its true form.

The Andaman highway, following the island of Bharatanga, from Port Blair is heading for Middle Andaman. However, because of the outbreaks, the movement of public transport is limited. In the vicinity of Rangata there are many tropical forests.

The ships from Rangat Bay head to Port Blair, as well as the Long Island and Havelock islands. In Cuthbert Bay, only 15 km away is a reserve for sea turtles, they come here every year to lay eggs. The beautiful place of Mayabander is 71 km from Rangata, in the northern part. Some local beaches, in particular, Carmatang, are famous for spectacular sunrises.

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